Tuesday, July 12, 2011

NHL 2013-2013 Season

I am going to tell you how each team will finish next season.

The New York Islanders

The Islanders GM Garth Snow has made a very dismal effort to even attempt to rebuild his organization this offseason, the only difference to this team this season will be the starting goalie Evgeni Nabakov who has stated he will play for the organization this season, however this will not be enough to get the team out of dead last in the league.

The Ottawa Senators

The Senators are in the situation as the Islanders, they have yet to make any effort the offseason to improve their team, Their struggling offense and pathetic defense will cause them to stay in the basement of the league.

The Pheonix Coyotes

The Coyotes managed to secure Defenseman Kieth Yandle for the next few years this offseason but they also lost key goalie Ilya Bryzgalov who has been the main reason that the team has performed so well these last few years. Withoutout him the team will suffer and they will fall to 28th.

The St. Louis Blues

The Blues have need a proven scorer and by signing average players like Arnott and Langenbrunner it just wont be enough to keep them out of the bottom half of the league.

The Dallas Stars

The Stars lost their leading point scorer Brad Richards this offseason and havent yet found his replacement so with those missing points will hurt the team very greatly.

The Florida Panthers

GM Dave Tallon has made quite the effort this season to rebuild his team but all he has done is overpay sub-par players and they will satill find themselves near the bottom of the league.

The Colorado Avalanche

The Avs made the right move this offseason in signing Varlamov but they are lacking the depth on the blueline to be anymore than a bottom half team, but they have a promising future.

The Edmonton Oilers

The Oilers are a young fast team with plenty of promise in the near future if they continue to keep drafting the right players but as for now their 23rd.

The Montreal Canadiens

The Canadiens signed Eric Cole this offseason which will add depth to their offense but the Canadiens still arent one of the elite teams in the NHL, maybe one day when they can unload the cap space of Gomez they can return to their former glory.

The Philadelphia Flyers

This may suprise most of you that the Flyers will finish 21st overall but they just no longer have the offensive depth theyve had in previous years, they traded away Richards and Carter who combined for 132 and replaced them with Voracek, Simmonds and Jagr who will not be able to make up for the point loss, but they did manage to ass Schenn and Couturier who are two of the most exciting prospects so they will return to the top in a few years.

The Calgary Flames

The Flames havent changed much so they will continue to stay in about the same place as last year.

The Toronto Maple Leafs

Sadly the Leafs will come in n19th place, theyve done the right thing in signing Tim Connoly who will greatly help Phil Kessel in point production but Reimer will not be able to be the workhorse that he excpected to be and start 60-70 games and without the help of a sturdy backup the Leafs will crumble.

The Winnipeg Jets

The Thrashers had good streaks and bad streaks last season but the change of location to a hockey crazy city like Winnipeg will greatly help the Jets this season.

The Carolina Hurricanes

The Canes are a good team with a strong fan base and a good goalie in Cam Ward but I believe that Jeff Skinner will experience a sophmore slump and will hold the team back a bit.

The Minnesota Wild

The Wild did a win-lose exchanges this offseason as they trade Brent Burns and Martin Havlat to the San Jose Sharks for Dany Heatley and Devin Setoguchi, they now have a well built offense but their defense has taken a major blow but if goaltender Niklas Backstrom can keep the team afloat they may finally make a playoff berth.

The Chicago Blackhawks

The Blackhawks had their chance to improve their depth this offseason but instead of signing proven legitimate players they signed Carcillo, O'Donnell and Brunnette and because of this this the Blackhawks will fall to 15th

The Buffalo Sabres

The Sabres have lost Connolly and Montador but have gained Erhoff and Leino so they moved a step forward defensively but a step back offensively.

The Columbus Blue Jackets

The Blue Jackets added Mike Richards and James Wisneiwski to their lineup this offseason so be prepared to see more than just Rick Nash putting up the points this season.

The New Jersey Devils

Hoping that Kovalchuks performance last season was a fluke and with a healthy Parise the Devils will be back on top of their game next season.

The New York Rangers

The Rangers added Brad Richards this offseason which will greatly help Gaboriks point production and with Lundqvist between the pipes the Rangers will be a force next season.

The Nashville Predators

The Preds have one of the best goailes in the NHL with Pekka Rinne and Shea Weber is one of the leagues best defenseman and between the two of them the Predators have one of the best defense in the league. They may not beat you 5-4 but they will beat you 2-1.

The Anaheim Ducks

The Ducks have on of the best Big 3's in the league with Perry, Getzalf and Ryan but even with the Ducks scary offense they have a lacking defense and they wont win the cup but they will make the playoffs.

The Tampabay Lightning

The reason the Lightning wont go any farther than 8th is because Stamkos wont be able to produce as much as he has in his last two seasons because he will covert to a more two-way style of play.

The San Jose Sharks

The Sharks acquired Burns and Havlat this offseason which will greatly boost their defense and with Jumbo Joe and Marleau the Sharks will be the team to beat next year.

The Boston Bruins

The Stanley Cup Champs have kept most of their team in tact from last season and hoping that Tim Thomas can play as spectacular as last season the Brtuins will be one of the Cup favorites.

The Los Angeles Kings

With the additions of Carter and Gagne to their lineup Kopitar finally has the help he needs to produce and with Doughty and Johnson on the Blueline the Kings are the Dark horse of next season.

The Detroit Red Wings

The Wings have resigned future Hall of Fame defenseman Nicklas Lidstrom for one more season, they have lost Rafalski but have gained Ian White and Mike Commodore the wings depth is as good as ever so look for them to make a strong run for the Cup.

The Pittsburgh Penguins

It was amazing what they did last season without Crosby and Malkin you can only imagine what they will be able to do with them back in the lineup.

The Vancouver Canucks

It may suprise some that the Canucks arent first on this list but with Luongo being highly unpredicatable and him choking under preasure they wont finish 1st overall.

The Washington Capitals

The Capitals are by far the deepest team in the NHL with the recent addition of Tomas Vokoun they will be deadly. Last season we witnessed the Capitals go through the transition of an offensively minded team to a more two way style of play much like the Red Wings have played for the last 20 years. The Capitals may not be the Cup favorite by they will come in first.

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