Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dany Heatley in Minnesota

Dany Heatley has been alot of places in his career, he played in Atlanta, Ottawa, San Jose and now Minnesota. This is the best possible scenario for Heatley his nymbers started to slip last season and now he gets a fresh start where he is by far the best player on the team without even a close second, He needed this to help flourish, he needed to be the top dog on the team to fully reach his potential. Look for Heatley to match his old personal record of 105 points.

Heatley has always brought strife wherever he went and even went as far as to demand a trade from Ottawa which is how he landed in San Jose, but that could all be different in Minnesota especially now that he is the teams only superstar he might feel more obligated to not be such a downer in the locker room.

When the Wild lost Marian Gaborik they went out and acquired Havlat to fill the shoes of Gabby which was very unfair to think that Havlat would be able to produce those kinds of points but maybe Havlat couldnt but Heatley surely can. The Wild only managed to produce 206 goals and they relyed heavily on the powerplay for goals but with the addition of Heatley he will help them on theeven strength pla and power play with his wicked sniping skills.

Heatley is everything that the Wild has needed and he may just be the piece the Wild has needed to complete their playoff berth puzzle

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